Pew Health Advocacy Week!

Pew Health Superbug2020 Fly in to Washington D,C. was a grand success.

I joined ID Pharma, ID physicians, patient advocates, and Pew HAI project people as we hit Capitol Hill visiting with Congress people and their staff to urge more funding for the NIH and CDC raising awareness of the growing antibiotic resistance problem as well as the antibiotic pipeline drying up.


Left to right

Erica Washington from the Louisiana Dept of Public Health

Deanne Tabb, Pharma ID Piedmont Hospital System


Dr. Cassandra Quave of Emory University Drug Discovery program



Part of day one was testifying to agency officials from the CDC, NIH, FDA and more at the Presidential Advisory Council for Combating Antibiotic Resistance.


All in all, a great few days talking to our representatives about increasing funding and raising awareness on how this affects patients and that we must increase research on new antibiotics, not simply re-purposing existing ones. Thank you Pew Health!!!!

World AMR Congress a success!

Had a remarkable learning and teaching experience at the 2019 World AMR Congress in Washington D.C..

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and talk patient advocacy with an international audience.


Myself and fellow speaker Christian Lillis founder of the Peggy Lillis Fund as we share our stories and speak to the hurdles we see for patient advocates.



A great group photo with Pharma ID group! Many ID Pharm folks attended.







Great group from the Presidential Advisory Council on Antibiotic Resistance. I spoke at their meeting in 2017.


World AMR Congress 2019 !

I hold the honor of being they Keynote speaker on day 2 of the World AMR Congress in Washington D.C. on November 7 & 8.

Launched during the release of key reports such as the AMR Review and A Scientific Roadmap for
Antibiotic Discovery, the World AMR Congress has brought attention to the threats of this emerging crisis to
the global healthcare system.
The conference gathers global leaders in infectious diseases to meet, brainstorm and discuss the
challenges and opportunities on seven topic areas:
• Antibiotic R&D: advancing the development of antibiotic and non-traditional therapies and improving
commercialization strategies
• Diagnostics: innovating the development and deployment of rapid diagnostics tests, while ensuring an
effective integration into hospitals’ workflow and reimbursement
• Antimicrobial stewardship: using technology to improve antibiotic prescription, monitoring and
surveillance while advancing stewardship-based purchasing guidelines
• Pitch & Partner: joining funding and partnerships with antibiotics and diagnostics innovation
• Infection Control: advancing policies to improve infection prevention, control and compliance in
healthcare facilities
• Manufacturing: overcoming challenges for a sustainable and controlled antibiotic manufacturing and
supply chain
• Vaccines: discussing the clinical and economic value of vaccines to combat AMR
This November 7-8, 2019, 600 attendees from over 40 countries will be gathered at the Renaissance
Washington, D.C. Downtown Hotel for the largest AMR conference ever.

I will also be holding a round table session later in the afternoon on prevention for hospitals and what patients can do. Below is a link to the schedule as well as featured speakers. If you are in the industry, please consider attending….

World AMR Congress Brochure & Information


Thank you Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for allowing me to share my patient story at the Latin American sales conference in Miami! A fun team for sure and the great news is they just developed a new antibiotic geared specifically towards Pseudomonas. It received FDA clearance the day before my speech!

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( My conference techies!)

Thank you for having me out and keep up the good fight in the antibiotic spectrum!

This talk led to a great WEB EX speech to Pfizer in Dubai for their Eastern sales conference. They have never heard a patient story and had dozens of great questions.

Hello Locus Bioscience!

Had a great response as I shared my patient story at Locus Bioscience in RTP North Carolina.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, screen and indoor

Locus is a young research company that has been developing CRISPR genomics to aid in the application of Bacteriophage therapy by directing it to specific genes in the bacterium it is attacking. This novel therapy is on the cutting edge of eliminating bacteria infections form patients. They are working closely with the new FDA division of Novel Therapeutics.

Thank you team!

GenMark San Diego!

Was very honored to be invited to share my story at the GenMark Diagnostics global meeting in San Diego this January.


GenMark has recently won FDA approval for its new E-Plex system for raid diagnostics on for Bacterial infections.The ePlex BCID Panels aid clinicians in the identification of bacterial and fungal organisms as well as antibiotic resistance genes within approximately 1.5 hours of blood bottle positivity, allowing treatment decisions to occur days earlier than with conventional methods.

The talk was well received y all with great follow up questions and concern over what patients suffer from infections including the pain of sepsis.


Thank you all!!

World AMR Congress 2018!

Last week in Washington D.C. I had the honor of being on a keynote panel to share my patient story. The congress was attended by people from around the world who could offer solutions to the antibiotic resistance problem  other than simply new antibiotics which are drying up. Also in attendance were representatives form the FDA, DHHS, as well as an address from Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization.



I was on a panel with Dr. Neil Clancy M.D., an Infectious Diseases specialist from the University of Pittsburgh and Tom Lowery, Chief Scientific Officer of T2 Biosystems sharing my story to bring awareness to sepsis and antimicrobial resistance and what it can do to a patient.


Part of one day also included a video shoot of my story complete with makeup and hair!



Myself, Dr. Neil Clancy, Tom Lowery CSO, and Sandy Estrada of T2

Thank you to T2 Biosystems for being my sponsor!