What Audiences Say

Feedback has told me that my ability to share my story makes a powerful impact on the audience. From grief, sadness, and anger that this happened have been potent reactions. Many are shocked that I have no underlying illness or autoimmune disorder driving home the point that this can happen to anyone…..

Feedback on my speeches:

“We invited Mary to IDWeek 2017 to tell her story, Mary is a passionate and engaging speaker, who’s personal story will inspire all.”

Simintha Esson, MA ,  Chief Development Officer at the IDSA Foundation


“The voice of the patient is often not heard. Mary Millard has taken a horrific experience and turned it into a mission to bring the voice of the patient to healthcare professionals and the general public. Through her experience, she has become highly educated about HAI’s and has become a commanding presence at many high-level meetings as Mary continues to work to facilitate change. I met Mary when she was the keynote speaker at the Healthcare Surfaces Summit since then she agreed to join our advisory board where she provides knowledge and expertise no one other than a survivor can provide. She is a fabulous speaker and crusader”.

Linda Lybert,      Executive Director/Founder Healthcare Surfaces Summit


“Mary shared her story with energy and passion to improve care for other patients. Her story brings much needed attention to the devastating health effects of sepsis and HAI’s”

Matt McKillip        Manager of Public Affairs T2 Biosystems


“Mary is a dynamic person with an absolutely powerful story.  Her strength and ability to share her story with those around her is amazing.  She relates well to people on all levels.  You will find yourself drawn into her unforgettable journey”.

Rita Morton R.N.         Health Academy Instructor at  Asheboro High School


Mary Millard is an HAI and  sepsis survivor who has dedicated her life to raising awareness to help others avoid the same tragic consequences. She is an outstanding presenter who will inspire any audience with her passion, compassion, and wit as she shares her personal story”.

Amy Crosby,  Senior Manager-Marketing Communications at T2 Biosystems


” Mary’s story was very inspiring and i believe it will have much more impact on physician’s practice with regards of giving antibiotics for sepsis in the right time(without delay) more than any guideline because it comes direct from mouth of a person who suffered from consequences of delaying giving the right antibiotic for sepsis since there was lack of awareness of early sepsis signs and symptoms. I encourage her to talk in as many conferences as she can since this in my opinion will make a difference in lots of lives”

Dirar Abdallah ,  Chair of ICU at Prime Hospital Dubai  – Attendee of World AMR Congress


“Mary’s story about surviving a terrible superbug infection, is heartbreaking. Too many people lose loved ones to antibiotic-resistant infections, we need more patient advocacy and more light shed on these terrible infections”

Kerry LaPlante , Pharm.D., FCCP    President Elect of  Society of Infectious Disease Pharm.


” Mary, thanks so much for sharing your powerful story today! I’m an infectious diseases pharmacist and feel the need to apologize to you from the medical community…..

Eric Wenzler,   Pharm. D. University of Illinois


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your participation in the Superbug2020 Fly In has been a week to remember. Inspiring. Energizing. Tiring. And so worth it.
You met with Presidential Advisory Council members; leaders from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health, and other key agencies; plus dozens of members of Congress and their staff. Your message has been loud and clear: We must fight for the future of antibiotics and stewardship. 

Even though our week of action is over, we hope you’ll continue the fight!

Kathy Talkington
PEW Health HAI Project