Pew Health Advocacy Week!

Pew Health Superbug2020 Fly in to Washington D,C. was a grand success.

I joined ID Pharma, ID physicians, patient advocates, and Pew HAI project people as we hit Capitol Hill visiting with Congress people and their staff to urge more funding for the NIH and CDC raising awareness of the growing antibiotic resistance problem as well as the antibiotic pipeline drying up.


Left to right

Erica Washington from the Louisiana Dept of Public Health

Deanne Tabb, Pharma ID Piedmont Hospital System


Dr. Cassandra Quave of Emory University Drug Discovery program



Part of day one was testifying to agency officials from the CDC, NIH, FDA and more at the Presidential Advisory Council for Combating Antibiotic Resistance.


All in all, a great few days talking to our representatives about increasing funding and raising awareness on how this affects patients and that we must increase research on new antibiotics, not simply re-purposing existing ones. Thank you Pew Health!!!!

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